"Thank you for sending me information regarding your new documentary. I visited the film's home page and I can tell it is just marvelous."

Adil Attari (New York)

"The pictures from Morocco in your website are very expressive of a rich culture that is beginning to disappear. Thank you for helping us to save it."

Khadija Mouh (New Jersey)

"Thank very much for writing to me and for your interest in my country. I appreciate and commend your efforts to expose the positive sides of Morocco, and make them known to the whole world."

Driss Benmhend (Washington)

"I'm glad you told me about your film. I checked out the web site and it is wonderful. I congratulate you for the effort and vision you put in making the film come to life."

Hafid Adnane (Indiana)

"Thank you for inviting me to your web side. I added your web address to my bookmark. I am very glad you enjoyed your stay in Morocco. It makes me feel really good to read your good articles about Morocco. It also makes me home sick."

Mostafa Raziq (Massachusetts)

"I have just finished looking at your home page and I must say it is very interesting. We rarely get the opportunity to see films about Morocco, so you must imagine how happy we get when we find them (especially of this quality)."

Smail Tejado (Massachusetts)

"Nice to hear from you. I saw your page. Great work indeed. Marrakesh is the city of the thousand and one wonders!"

Adel Belcaid (Finland)

"I hope that it will inform many about what other cultures are, in particular the Moroccan one."

Hicham Ahl Lamara (Florida)

"I liked your web page and I am sure your film is excellent. To me you are already Moroccan. Anyone who loves Morocco can be considered as Moroccan. A warm welcome to you brother."

Hamid Ben Malek (Maryland)

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